The Garland Project – Fervor

Branding / Label Design

Mike and his son Callum approached us to develop their very own label and brand. Inspired by their mutual love of wine and close family bonds, the Fervor label was created under the umbrella of “The Garland Project”.

While Mike sourced fruit for his wines in his home region of the Great Southern, Callum would be doing his part from Victoria. Our challenge was to create an exciting label that would stand out on the shelf while also conjuring up thoughts of excitement and movement. 

After meeting with the Garland’s and learning more about their motivation, interests and purpose, the bold F of Fervor was born. The strong parallel lines, one slightly longer than the other represent a father and son walking the same path – one fearlessly guiding the other.

Each wine was given a unique identity and each with its own story which helps to express the style of wine inside the bottle. Fervor’s first vintage was in 2021, and of the 4 wines released in the same year, 2 of them completely sold out within months of release.